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  • MBO Mei Bo air conditioning leverages sports marketing to make the brand soaring.
    MBO Mei Bo air conditioning leverages sports marketing to make the brand soaring.
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News center

Mbo air conditioner participated in the charity donation of yuhua zhimei, bo ai guangning
MBO air conditioner themed "2019 highlights" is held at the opening meeting of regional dealers in Beijing in chaoyang tang palace seafood hotel.
MBO air conditioners use sports marketing to boost its brand
——Joining the big screen live TV on August 25th, landing on Zhejiang Satellite TV “This! Is the slam dunk" August 15th, Guangdong Foshan Meibo air-conditioning headquarters, a new generation of luxury
The return of the king of New Zealand national team to visit the headquarters of mbo air conditioning
The air conditioning factory of MBO is very busy. The New Zealand national men's basketball team paid a special visit to MBO headquarters to hold the autograph meeting for the stars of zero distance.
Cold year 2018 is a perfect ending: cool year 2019 air conditioning by mei bo new wonderful!
Large areas of the air conditioning industry sales became a microcosm, in such a situation to get enough supplies is tantamount to obtain substantial benefits. Hot weather across the country, of renew
6 policy - oriented, mbo air conditioning in the cold year 2019 to form a prairie fire
At the end of August, the air conditioning in the early morning meeting to continue in 2019, on August 29 and 27, Inner Mongolia and anhui bozhou opening will be held in Hohhot and bozhou respectively