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Release time:
2018-09-13 16:16
MBO air conditioners use sports marketing to boost its brand

MBO air conditioners use sports marketing to boost its brand

Release time:
2018/09/13 17:36
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——Hand in hand with big screen live TV August 25 landed in zhejiang satellite TV "this! Is a Slam Dunk"
Meibo air conditioning headquarters of foshan city, guangdong province, on August 15, 2008, a new generation of light luxury group initiator, sharing air conditioning founder meibo air conditioning joined hands with big screen live TV on August 25, 2013, which was launched by zhejiang satellite TV. It marks that mbo air conditioners will officially start the IP global marketing strategy for cold year 2019.
Meibo air conditioner
Standing at the new starting point of the opening of the air-conditioning market in the 2019 cold year, Meibo Air Conditioning, once becoming the official sponsor of the New Zealand national team of the basketball World Cup, once again detonated fashion, young circle and mainstream air conditioners with new brand initiatives of sports and celebrity cross-border innovation. The camp not only became an important milestone in the rise of Meibo's “light luxury” brand, but also fully blew the horn of Meibo Air Conditioning in the 2019 cold year to compete in the mainstream brand of the air-conditioning industry.
Yu Fangwen, chairman of Meibo Air Conditioning, said, “As a fashion and innovative brand that has emerged rapidly in China's air-conditioning industry in recent years, Meibo has not only achieved rapid growth in sales in the first-line market, but more importantly, it is based on sports marketing. The brand marketing means to achieve the rise of branding. It can be seen that from the official sponsor of the New Zealand men's basketball national team, to the "This! Is the Slam Dunk" entertainment sports cross-border innovation column, this is not just to witness the rapid development of the Meibo brand. The promotion also demonstrates the inherent dynamics of cross-border innovation unique to Meibo Air Conditioning.
Lock basketball, Meibo air-conditioning sports marketing and innovation
On August 25, landing on the big screen live TV Zhejiang Satellite TV created "This! Before the slam dunk entertainment sports cross-border section, Meibo Air Conditioning already has the official sponsorship of the New Zealand national team of the basketball World Cup, which is to pass on the brand image of “new generation, light luxury” to more people. It can be said that sports marketing has become an important support for the rise of Meibo air-conditioning brands, and basketball full of youth and blood has become the unique "connotation" of Meibo brand.
It is understood that as a large-scale youth basketball sports program, "This! Is the slam dunk is the fourth bomb of Alibaba's Youku "This is the series", will be led by Jay Chou, Li Yifeng, Lin Shuhao, Guo Ailun as the basketball team leader, and assembled more than 100 "basketball masters" in the country through 1V1, 3V3 and other forms. Competitive confrontation. This is not only a youth basketball competition, but also a new expression of young people's dreams and self. Basketball stars, entertainment stars cross-border effects, basketball dreams to create such keywords, so that the column has not started broadcasting, frequently set off the heat.
Meibo air conditioner
For Meibo Air Conditioning, hand in hand with the big screen live TV on August 25th to land on Zhejiang Satellite TV "This! It is the slam dunk column, in addition to the brand and products will get high exposure and the use of the first-line big-name star effect promotion, which can make its light luxury brand image cover more people.
Gan Jianguo, general manager of Meibo Air Conditioning Marketing, revealed that “Joining the big screen live TV on August 25th, landing on Zhejiang Satellite TV’s “This! Is the Slam Dunk” column, upgrading the brand image of Meibo is only the first step, then we will also be with air conditioners across the country. The dealers will work together to promote the entry of this column in the terminal market, send basketball to the campus, enter the community, cultivate more young people's love for basketball, and show the charm of basketball."
Focus on the brand, Meibo air conditioner ranks in the mainstream market camp
In the sharing of air-conditioning pioneers, high-profile detonation of the mainstream air-conditioning market competition, especially focusing on the simultaneous rise of branding and marketization. In particular, it is based on the basketball of sports. Through a series of young interactive ways and scene marketing promotion, Meibo Air Conditioner can integrate the differentiated image of brand and product youth, vitality and luxury into the market faster and deeper. For example, incite sports fans, celebrity fans, fans, and melons and other people to match the vertical circle of their brand image.
From the official sponsor of the basketball World Cup New Zealand Men's Basketball National Team, to the big screen live TV landing Zhejiang Satellite TV "This! The "Slam Dunk" column is another innovation of Meibo Air Conditioning. With the Internet thinking and sharing concept into the industry, from international to domestic, from products and brands, Mebo air-conditioning is rising strongly in the stable air-conditioning industry pattern for many years, becoming the leader of the new generation of luxury air-conditioning.
The Internet age is the best era, especially for brands such as Meibo Air Conditioning, which is full of vitality and full of pioneering spirit. In a short time, Meibo has completed the transformation from the Internet to the top ten in the air-conditioning industry. August 25 this year, "This! That is, the Slam Dunk will be officially launched in Zhejiang Satellite TV and Youku, and Meibo Air Conditioning will also usher in a brand detonation again.